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Brother dear / Sister dear


Brother dear / Sister dear

Come on, I'll show you how it works!
The soft leather shoe is made by hand and is a real eye-catcher due to the embroidery and star in fabric look in the front area. So you're the little star at home.
The fine 100% leather is chrome-free tanned, azo dye and formaldehyde free. The great leather colors are harmless and free of heavy metals as they meet the highest standards and undergo regular checks.
The elastic and soft rubber band ensures a pleasant on and off and in the toe area is enough space for the tender toes that want to move freely. As always recognizable by our red brand logo in the back area.
The durable eco kids shoes are lightweight and do not hinder the foot in its natural rolling process. They take into account the special need of small feet for optimal freedom of movement and train the foot and leg muscles. Our models are produced in Portugal and the design comes from Cologne.
Care instructions: To restore the suede structure, worn suede soles can be slightly roughened with a fine sandpaper or a brass wire brush. This restores slip resistance. - For details, see the "Product Info".
The sole is made of soft leather and for indoor use the perfect companion.
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