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Magic at every step!
The slip-resistant rubber sole ensures that slipping is almost impossible. Now, learning to walk is even more fun! Thanks to the elastic rubber band the insertion is soft and easy. Also, it provides an even more secure hold on the foot.
The durable crawling and walking shoes are lightweight and do not hinder the foot’s natural growth process. They take into account the unique needs of small developing feet to optimize freedom of movement and help train the foot and leg muscles.
All "Anna und Paul" shoes are handmade from high quality, soft leather that contains no harmful contaminants. The fine leather is free from chromium, formaldehyde and azo dye. Our exclusive leather colours meet the highest standards, are non-hazardous, and are heavy metal free enusred by regular checks.
Care instructions: For the restoration of the suede leather structure, worn suede soles can be slightly roughened with fine sandpaper or a brass wire brush. This restores the slip resistance. - For more information, see "Product Info".

Sole: Slip-resistant rubber - designed for indoors.
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